Friday, March 7, 2014

2014 Christmas Project

Happy St. Patrick's Day ornaments for the month of March.  On one side is a pot of gold, and the other a lucky four leaf clover.  Gold and silver glitter cover both sides to add extra sparkle once the Christmas lights shine on them.

We got these done early this month.  Keeping the momentum has been a bit tough, but we will keep going until we have a year's worth of ornaments to give away.

2014 Christmas Project

 February's ornaments are simple wooden hearts with paint and either rhinestones or beads hanging from the bottom.  The hardest part was drilling the tiny holes without breaking the wood.

They sparkle so nicely in the light.

Spring Flowers

Spring is on the way.  The primrose under the rosemary bush is blooming and the daffodils are budding.  The rosemary has tiny little buds all over it.

I can feel my blood starting to pick up speed in my body and my hands starting to itch to dig.  Now if only the spring rains would stop long enough for me to prepare the ground.

I have my seeds and I'm ready to plant.  Please weather person, give me a weekend without rain so I can get in the dirt.  I don't have wipers for my glasses and you are making it difficult for me to see.

My crocuses are blooming too.  Lovely shades of purple and white.  As their tiny spiky leaves poke up from the ground I am marking the location.  Some bulbs have gone to deep to bloom.  I will dig them up later and move them to the garden until I have found all I can.

I hope to eventually get them transplanted under the maple trees in the yard.  For now, I have to rescue them from nearly a foot underground in some places.