Thursday, July 17, 2014

2014 Christmas Project

Along comes the 4th of July!  Independence Day!  Fireworks!  Flags!

We made flags. 

They have stars and stripes, and silver glitter.  They are double sided and no two flags look alike.    We made them on the 4th of July, with the sounds of fireworks going off in the surrounding neighborhoods.  I think the girls liked using the glitter spray the most.

2014 Christmas Project

In June we have our summer solstice, which in the Northwest means that the sky is not getting completely dark at night.  Since it is the official beginning of summer, a summer sun seemed fitting.  We painted our disks neon orange, added a few sunspots and sunshine rays, then put some strings through them.  For a little extra pizzaz, we sprayed each one with some gold glitter.

They will make a wonderful shiny spot on a tree.

2014 Christmas Project

For the month of April we went with the Easter Egg theme.  I put holes in paper maché eggs and put strings through them.  I then paint an acrylic base coat of white.  I had the girls paint and decorate the eggs in any way that made their hearts happy. 

Happy, shiny Easter eggs, all sprayed with glitter.