Friday, July 17, 2015

In the garden

The rising suns casts its golden light over my herb and flower garden making for a glorious view out my front door.  I feel so rich.

Each day brings changes to the gardens.  Plants bloom, plants die back, birds and bees feed on the nectar of the blossoms.  A garden may look like a still life, but it is filled with life.

As I turn to sit on the garden bench, I see another area.  My Italian herb garden.  Sweet basil, tarragon, marjoram, sage, and other herbs just waiting to be fondled so they can release their aromatic oils.  If I step back, I will brush the rosemary and send off a flurry of smell which will stick to my legs for several hours.

I do love my plants.

Time for tea and a little reflection before I get the day started.  Life is good.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Birds of a Feather

On our way back from hiking to the Fairfax ghost town, we drove by Maris Farms and spotted a bunch of waterfowl taking a migration break.  We made a quick u-turn as we could have sworn we had seen some swans.

Sure enough, there were several Trumpeter Swans and a pair of young ones as well amidst the Canada Geese.  It was amazing to see these majestic white birds against the mud of the field in which they were standing.

Another bird checked off my list.