Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014 Christmas Project

The flock of turkeys is complete, but a bit mauled by the cat.  The ornaments for the month of November represent the only holiday in the United States that does not have a religious tie to the European immigrants who largely populated this country.  It is a celebration of the harvest.  A giving of thanks for enough food to survive the winter and get into spring far enough for the food supply to return.  It is in large part about gratitude.

I am grateful for the family I have and that I have enough.  I am grateful that I have enough to share with another family and hope another family is open to allowing my family to share this year long journey of giving.

The final items will be the tree topper, the tree skirt, and the tree itself.  We are looking forward to the culmination of the journey as much as we have the journey itself.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014 Christmas Project

The September ornaments are complete.  It takes time for glue to dry, and there was a lot of glue in this one.  I started by making a number of miniature books as the theme for the month was "Back to School."  Then we added letters to the covers, and started putting glittered letters inside to book.  We waited a day or more after each letter before doing the next letter.  There is nothing worse than gluing pages together and trying to get them back apart.  After all the letters were done, we glued in pictures for each letter.  Last but not least came the writing in of the remaining missing pieces of our books.  We left blank pages at the end of each book so that the new owners can add things to their books to complete them.

They turned out really cute.  Since I made more books than I needed, I am using the extras for Christmas gift tags, but don't tell anyone.

One month to go, then the skirt and the donation day.  Until then........