Sunday, January 26, 2014


It says, "Go slow and enjoy the journey."  The pattern was found at a garage sale in a fabulous box of "junk".  It took a while, but I finally got it done.

I am adding it to my box of glamping gear.  That's right, glamping gear.  The die hard tent camper is working to join the ranks of glampers.  You won't find me in heels, and there will still be dirt under my nails (and on the doles of my feet), but enjoying some of life's finer things even while living outdoors is a fine plan to this gal.  I have begun taking stock of the items in my home that I will be adding to the box, as well as the things I will make too.  Most importantly, I have started a "Glamper" fund to save up for a small "fix-her-up" trailer of my own.

So, added to the list of all the gifts I want to make for everyone this year, is a list of items I want to make for me.

A glampin' we will go, a glampin' we will go, hi ho the dairy-o a glampin' we will go..........

Spring Fever

You know you have spring fever when you hang your sheets out on the line just because it's going to  be a sunny day.
The grass under the clothes line was still covered in frost, but the sunshine was just too tempting.  It took all day, but the sheets, linens, and table cloth did dry.  When I brought them inside as the sun was beginning to drop, I kept my nose pressed into their coolness, inhaling the intoxicating smell that was the promise of spring.

With the lengthening of the daylight, the promise of the turning of the seasons gets stronger.  Each day I look longingly at my garden spot, impatiently waiting to turn the soil to work in the fertilizer and prep the beds for planting.  The garden expansion is planned, waiting for the time to sow.  I can see the changes around me and feel the changes in my bones (it's not all the ache of age).  Even the chickens are getting the fever.

The seeds have been ordered and the starts are being prepped for.  I want to be ready when the last frost happens.  Spring is a month away.  Time is passing.  The wheel is turning.

I have the fever.

Do you?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Christmas Project

During the Christmas season this past month, my family and I decided to undertake the project of making 5 to 10 Christmas ornaments each month, and at the end of the year donate a fully decorated Christmas tree to someone or some family who would not have one otherwise.  Each month we will pick a theme based on the holidays in that month, or time of year, and make the ornaments.

We started with December and made some Christmas ornaments using old wooden spools, silver and gold paint, wire, beads, and scrap-booking paper.  They turned out pretty cool looking.  We left the labels on the spools so that a person would know they actually were spools in a former life and not just something we picked up at the hobby store.

For the month of January we went with the New Year Party theme.  We used all things shiny and glittery with pearls, metals, beads, and crystals.  They will look fabulous hanging around a tree with pretty colored lights twinkling off of them.

As a family, we are getting a great deal of satisfaction making these ornaments, not to mention some great time together talking about other ways we can give to people within our community and the importance of doing so.

After we made 2 sets of ornaments, we decided that they will also need a box to be carried in, so we are in the process of decorating one of those.  As soon as it is done, I will post a picture of it as well.

What do you do to give back to your community?

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Today I completed my daughter's yard apron.  Yesterday I completed mine.  The purpose of the aprons is to have a place to keep your seed packets, tools, pad & paper, clippers, and other items at hand without having to remember where you left the bucket full of everything and without having to set it down while you do another task and hope you remember to go back and retrieve it later.

I found a jumper made of pansy fabric at a yard sale and got the jumper for the fabric.  The striped denim came fro a thrift store.  I took the jumper apart and reused the patch pockets and bodice in my apron.  The placket I used on the top of my notebook pocket.  I used part of the skirt for the bottom ruffle and the ties.  There are a total of 7 pockets, including one for pens/pencils & one for a notebook.  I added a couple of utility loops like you find on painter's pants to hang my hand rake and trowel.  I am looking forward to spring when I can get in the dirt with it and see how well it will work for me.

My daughter's was made from a old fabric sample (burlap) and a tired floral sheet.  I added a couple of pockets, a couple of utility loops, and belt loops for a ribbon tie.  I plan to give it to her for Easter, along with a trip to the local nursery to pick her plants for her planter.

I didn't use a pattern for either one, I just made it up as I went.  Mostly I tore strips and stitched things together.  Did you know denim strips at an angle?  I know now.  It has to do with the weave.

Have you ever made anything without a pattern?

New Year

New Year's day I cleaned out the refrigerator, top to bottom.  I took out two bucket's of compostables, some were science experiments, others were things we don't need to keep around because we will eat them just to keep them from going bad (like cherry pie and cookies).  It was very satisfying.

What did you "clean out" on New Year's Day?