Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014 Christmas Project

Now that the ornaments are done, it is time to complete the final touches.  First, a tree skirt, as we would not want our tree's toes to get cold.  This one is just over 5 feet across and has 8 different fabrics in it.  Each panel is stitched through to the backing with cotton batting in between for a bit of quilting on what looks a lot like a Dresden Plate pattern.  The center is a simple additional piece of fabric to be drawn close with a satin ribbon, allowing the skirt to be adjusted to the size of the tree stand.

Since we have all these ornaments and a tree skirt to boot, it only seems logical to have a place to put them, so we decorated a box.  We sponged gold, silver, and metallic red paint all over it, then applied cut outs of special gifts (gift of fun, gift of creativity, etc.) and Christmas motifs.  The goal was a treasure box for all things Christmas.

Now to give the whole thing away.  Oh what pleasure and satisfaction there is in giving, just as there is in receiving.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

2014 Christmas Project

The angel is done.  Our project is winding down.  A family has been found. The only thing remaining to make is the tree skirt.  I am excited.  This journey has taken an entire year.  We have all had a lot of fun making the various ornaments that are to be given away.

As we have worked on the project through the year, we have also talked about the importance of giving and how in giving, we each receive so much more.  There are a great many health benefits to giving.  For example, it helps lower your blood pressure and improve your mental well being.  It is also good for your community's morale.  When we give to each other, we strengthen the bonds between each other.

When we receive from others, we also benefit.  Often the burden lifted from our shoulders allows us to relax a little and be emotionally uplifted.

This holiday and throughout the year, please be both a generous giver and a gracious receiver.  The benefits of both are worth every moment spent.