Thursday, December 19, 2013


Last night my daughter and I completed the last of the cookies and fudge to be loaded into containers and delivered to people and businesses in our community.  Every year we make at least 10 different types of treats to fill the containers we find at our local thrift store (Goodwill this year).  We usually give a tin to my brother and his wife, as well as a tin for my daughter's teacher.  All of the others we give to local businesses that have employees who, through the year, have made our days a little brighter.

Aside from the pleasure of cooking and the pleasure of not having to eat all of it ourselves, we also get a great deal of pleasure from the smiles that come from each one of those tins.  In a society that has become focused on the material giving during the holidays, it is good to give of ourselves too.

What do you do to spread holiday spirit?

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