Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014 Christmas Project

Now that the ornaments are done, it is time to complete the final touches.  First, a tree skirt, as we would not want our tree's toes to get cold.  This one is just over 5 feet across and has 8 different fabrics in it.  Each panel is stitched through to the backing with cotton batting in between for a bit of quilting on what looks a lot like a Dresden Plate pattern.  The center is a simple additional piece of fabric to be drawn close with a satin ribbon, allowing the skirt to be adjusted to the size of the tree stand.

Since we have all these ornaments and a tree skirt to boot, it only seems logical to have a place to put them, so we decorated a box.  We sponged gold, silver, and metallic red paint all over it, then applied cut outs of special gifts (gift of fun, gift of creativity, etc.) and Christmas motifs.  The goal was a treasure box for all things Christmas.

Now to give the whole thing away.  Oh what pleasure and satisfaction there is in giving, just as there is in receiving.

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