Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spring Fever

You know you have spring fever when you hang your sheets out on the line just because it's going to  be a sunny day.
The grass under the clothes line was still covered in frost, but the sunshine was just too tempting.  It took all day, but the sheets, linens, and table cloth did dry.  When I brought them inside as the sun was beginning to drop, I kept my nose pressed into their coolness, inhaling the intoxicating smell that was the promise of spring.

With the lengthening of the daylight, the promise of the turning of the seasons gets stronger.  Each day I look longingly at my garden spot, impatiently waiting to turn the soil to work in the fertilizer and prep the beds for planting.  The garden expansion is planned, waiting for the time to sow.  I can see the changes around me and feel the changes in my bones (it's not all the ache of age).  Even the chickens are getting the fever.

The seeds have been ordered and the starts are being prepped for.  I want to be ready when the last frost happens.  Spring is a month away.  Time is passing.  The wheel is turning.

I have the fever.

Do you?

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