Thursday, February 22, 2018

Making a commitment

So yea...... It's been a couple of years or more.  I kinda got busy living and hit the snooze button........a lot.  At the end of last year I climbed back on the wagon and lost 20 lbs.  Down to 295 lbs.  This year my goal is to lose 52 lbs, and so far I have lost 10 lbs, so I am right on track.  Now all I need to do is keep my blog current.

So what happens when I go on any kind of diet, I cook.  And what did I cook, truffles.  These are very dark chocolate (85% cacao) with a dark milk chocolate (55% cacao) shell.  They were positively decadent!  I gave most of them away, but it made for a fabulous Valentine's gift for my family.

My family whined about my giving most of them away (can you believe that!), so I have since made some more.  This time I made white chocolate raspberry truffles, and I have a batch caramel dark chocolate truffles ready for dunking.  These will be followed by ginger-orange dark chocolate truffles.  I am thinking about making some sort of nut butter truffles too, but I have not yet decided which kind.

My family has decided that we can add truffles to the list of tasty morsels that we make for the holidays as after these are all done, there will be no more until then.  Fortunately, the neighbors have been helping us eat them.  I have been good so far and sticked to just a couple from each batch.

Diets are dangerous.

Now if I can just lick this cold, or whatever I have come down with, I could get back to the gym and get this weight off and the muscles tightened.

Until I remember again..... Adieu!!!

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