Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This was our kitchen when we first got our farm.  It is about 10' by 10' including the cabinets.  If it weren't for the pantry, I don't know where we would keep food.  As it is, my counters were covered with kitchen supplies that I had not yet found a home for.  To make it appear at least a little larger, I painted over the brown mustard yellow with a white linen low VOC paint.

We only made a few changes as the hope some day is to make it larger.  We went to the Pike Place Market and bought a lovely hand blown lamp shade for a pendant lamp to replace the fixture over the sink, painted two of the walls a beautiful sunshine yellow, and hung old crocheted hot pads around the top of the wall.

Now when I turn on the light, it looks like the sun is shining in the kitchen.  I stand at the sink and hand wash my dishes in the warm glow, gazing out at the chickens running through the yard, or watching the birds flitting in and out of the apple trees.  No matter what the weather is outside, we now have a slice of sunshine in our home.

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