Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Changing of the Seasons

Another year is slowly coming to an end.  The dark days of winter approach.  The elk have begun moving from out of the mountains into the foothills for winter grazing.  We have been waiting since the last sighting in spring for their return.

We mark the seasons by the days on our calendars, but that is really just a number.  It is the changes in the plant and animal life that truly marks the changes of the seasons.  This year I canned, froze, and dried food for the winter months.  The broccoli are still desperately trying to put on seed as I continue to harvest their wonderful flower buds for our dinners, although I have allowed some to go to seed and have harvested their seeds too.  The fall trees and flowers are putting on a show.  The pumpkins and squash sit on the bistro table outside looking lovely as the skins harden.  Soon I will cook them too for my family.  The frosts have begun to paint the ground each morning, making the air crisp and lovely to breath.

My goal this past year, and years to come is to track the change of the seasons on the farm and be a part of them.  Following a more natural rhythm in my activities.  My quilt top is nearly ready to be layered with the bottom and the batting, and put in the rack to be quilted this winter.  The house is nearly winterized, and the woodshed nearly built and filled.  The barn needs a last door, the eaves closed in and the last gutter hung.

Thank you elk for coming, and reminding me that the next change of the season is upon us.

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