Thursday, October 3, 2013

Unplanned Events

Last night was business as usual.  We got home, I started dinner, my partner started a fire, and my daughter let the dogs out and fetched the eggs.  After about 10 minutes I said we should bring the dogs in as it was very wet and chilly, our little dog Jill (aka Jilly Bean) was already in.  Casey (aka Casey Dilla), our big dog was not coming when called.  Micheal went out to find her and discovered her gone.  Our escape artist had made a run for it and was off in the neighboring middle school.  By the time I could get dinner turned off and go after her, she was nowhere to be seen.

After several hours of calling for her and no dog, I called Home Again as Casey is a microchipped rescue, and let the know she had run away from home.  Not 10 minutes after I called, I see this very wet brown face pressed into the sliding glass door looking pitiful.  She came back smelling like she had bathed with some very nasty fish.  I called Home Again and let them know her walk-about was over, then stuck the dog straight in the tub.  She was filthy.

So a wonderful evening of stitching turned out not quite as I planned, but at least it ended well.  Boy will my daughter be happy when she wakes up and sees Casey back.

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